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Is Snapchat safe for kids? How does it work? Everything curious parents need to know about this ultra-popular app. By Christine Elgersma. If you have tweens or teens, you know about Snapchat. One of the most popular social media apps out there, Snapchat gives kids and teens what they really want: a simple way to share everyday moments while simultaneously making them look awesome. The app has a lighthearted de, and its photo filters and effects tend toward rainbows and flower crowns. With your guidance on privacy, safety, social media pressure, and marketing, though, Snapchat can be a fun way for teens to connect.

Check out our full review to get the whole scoop. All you need to up is your name, an address, and your birth date. On Snapchat, users go by a handle, and Snapchatters gravitate toward silly names. To add friends, you can your contacts or search for people you know. After that, things get a little confusing. On Snapchat, photos — not text — usually start the communication. To begin a conversation, you tap the big camera circle and take a snap. There are all sorts of photo-editing tools you have to experiment to figure out what they do as well as filters to adorn your images.

Once you customize your snap, you can send it to anyone in your friends list or add it to your storywhich is a record of the day that your friends can view for 24 hours. In addition to individual snapchat user codes, Snapchat also offers group texting and group stories that everyone in a group can contribute to. In terms of Snaps, you can delete unopened ones that use a saved picture not taken on the spot. According to the terms of serviceusers must be Common Sense Media rates Snapchat OK for teens 16 and up, mainly because of the exposure to age-inappropriate content and the marketing ploys, such as quizzes, that collect data.

It depends. However, recipients can take a screenshot of an image using their phones or a third-party screen-capture app. A phone screen-capture will notify the sender that the image was captured. With a Snapstreaks, two users have snapped back and forth within a hour period for three days in a row. Why do they matter? For one thing, they add to your overall Snapchat score basically a that reflects how much you use the app.

Snap Map displays your location on a map in real time. Only your Snapchat friends can see where you are. If your friends have opted into Snap Map, you can see their locations, too. You can turn this off or use it in Ghost Mode, which allows you to see the map but not be seen by others. Snap Map also features news and events from around the world — for example, a political rally in Nicaragua, which displays as an icon on a map of the world.

The biggest risk with Snap Map is a teen having their location seen by all their friends — since some of their Snapchat contacts may not be real friends. A story is a collection of moments in the form of pictures and videos that, taken together, create a narrative. After Snapchat popularized the format, other social media services, including Facebook and Instagramoffered story-creation tools, too. On Snapchat, stories appear as circles, and when you tap them, they autoplay the pictures or videos the user collected. You can create personal stories that your friends can view for a hour period.

Snapchat user codes, if you think your Snap is particularly interesting or newsworthy, you can send it to Our Story. Our Stories are kind of like mini-documentaries of events, holidays, game championships, or other things happening in the world on a particular day. Snaps are curated and compiled by the company. When you up, Snapchat gives you your own unique QR code. Discover offers content created by celebrities, news and entertainment outlets, and other snapchat user codes.

You can subscribe to specific Discover sources to receive their feeds. While Discover offers some legitimate news from publishers including the New York Times and Vice Media, the offerings can be promotional and are frequently mature.

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Snapchat is waaaay more than cute photos. The more you use the app, the more points you get and the higher your Snapchat score goes. Snapchat awards high scorers with trophies and other perks. Here are a few other Snapchat features:. Most kids use Snapchat to goof around and stay in contact with their friends — end of story. That said, there are three key risky areas:.

The myth of disappearing messages. Any app can be misused, but a lot of kids mistakenly believe that Snapchat has a built-in Get Out of Jail Free card. Teens really need to understand that the content they share can be saved and shared and may never go away. Talk about whether any of their friends have ever pressured them to send a sexy image and discuss why someone who would do that does not have your best interests at heart. Kids should also ask permission before sharing a picture of someone else. The time suck. Snapstreaks and stories add a time-pressure element that makes kids feel like they have to check in.

Privacy and safety. And depending on your settings, the app can collect a ton snapchat user codes data about your habits in — and outside of — the app. Snapchat also works with a lot of third parties that they share your data with.

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Instead, focus on the privacy settings. This is a perfect time to talk to your kid about using their Snapchat safely and responsibly. Explain that you understand that social media is important to them, and, at the same time, your role is to protect them. What is Snapchat?

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How does Snapchat work? How old do you have to be to use Snapchat? Do messages really disappear on Snapchat?

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What are Snapstreaks? Geo-filters: These are location-specific elements that can only be unlocked by visiting a specific place.

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Businesses use geo-filters as a way for customers to check in and advertise them. A kid could create a special geo-filter for their sweet party for attendees to add to their photos. My Eyes Only is a way to save Memories behind a passcode so that no one else can see them. Snapstore: This is exactly what it sounds like: a place to buy Snapchat-related items.

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Shazam: A feature that helps you identify a song. Snap Originals: Shows created by Snapchat with a wide range of formats from docuseries to pop culture, made in partnership with platforms like Buzzfeed. Is Snapchat safe for tweens and teens? That said, there are three key risky areas: The myth of disappearing messages. How do I monitor Snapchat and use the settings? Related articles. Copy link.

Snapchat user codes

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