Plushophilia definition

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Sexual and pornographic activities involving animal anthropomorphism including plushophiliais known among the plushophile community as "yiffing. Evans reported a much higher prevalence rate of plushophilia 7 percent than the study by Rust although this was still a low prevalence rate suggesting that the overlap between plushophilia and the Furry Fandom is minimal.

Many plushies do not plushophilia definition any association with furries whatsoever. Many plushophiles are avid collectors of cuddly toys and many began accumulating their collections in childhood although some have already reached adulthood before their interest in stuffed toys begins. Some plushies are said to be totally obsessed with their hobby and may share behavioural similarities with pathological hoarders.

Among a small minority of plushies, the collecting may border on being an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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Like many collectors, plushies may focus their collecting behaviour on very specific types of cuddly toy such as teddy bears. The online Wiki Fur website claims that:. As mentioned earlier, a small of furries consider themselves plushophiles. Furthermore, for some furries, toy animals are said to serve as representations of totem animals. The Wiki Fur website defines an animal totem as:. Role players among Furry Fandom members may also create characters based on the idea of living toys and stuffed animal characters.

Plushies frequently enjoy interacting with furries whose primary avatar is a toy character. The sexual element of plushophilia has been overplayed and sensationalized by both the print and broadcast media. For example, some plushophiles who make use of their toys in intimate ways do so with a partner, while others only experience such feelings toward a plush animal that they view as more than an inanimate object. A common practice among sexual plushophiles is to modify a plush toy in order to make it sexually plushophilia definition or to minimize damage to it from such use.

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However, Wiki Fur is quick to point out that not all plushies who relate to their toys sexually modify them, and not plushies actually make direct contact with their stuffed toys for intimate stimulation. One infamous plushophile is FoxWolfie Galen who has his own website was interviewed for Salon magazine.

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He was first asked how he had sex with a stuffed animal:. It all depends on what you allow happen to them. Aggrawal A. Evans, K. The furry sociological survey. Gerbasi, K. Furries from A to Z anthropomorphism to zoomorphism.

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Hill, D. Cuddle time: In the world of plushophiles, not all stuffed animals are created equal. Salon, June Rust, D. The sociology of furry fandom.

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Wiki Fur Animal totem. Mark Griffiths, Ph. Mark D. Griffiths Ph. In Excess.

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Plushophilia definition

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