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Italian actor Michele Morrone has slammed the illegal theft and leak of private pictures featuring him on the sets of last year's hit film, Days. The actor took to Instagram and issued a statement to his over 12 million followers, slamming the leak.

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Michele Morrone wrote in his post, "As an actor your life becomes public. But, as a human being, I would still like my privacy to myself, and I'm a huge fan of privacy. It pics leak never ok to invade someone's privacy and it's very disrespectful. What happened is a big offence to me. Thanking pics leak fans, he added, "I really wanna thank all of my online family for taking action against all the private images of me that leaked while I was working on set professionally.

The erotic drama Days was one of the biggest hits on Netflix in the pandemic year. Michele Morrone was on the cusp of obscurity. Inhe was newly divorced, and working as a gardener. Also read: Racism should be dealt with seriously: Michele Moronne. The film, which hails from Poland but stars Italians speaking in English, was criticised for its plot, which many felt promoted rape-culture. It involves a mafia don kidnapping a woman and confining her to his mansion for a year, by which time he expects her to fall in love with him.

But at the same time, I am trying to put in the same amount of work that I used to do two or three years back. I just want to keep working so that my fans are happy. Ray: Ahead of Netflix series' release, 5 Indian anthologies you must watch. Baby elephant enjoys a snack and a scratch out in the forest.

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The Billionaire With A Heart. Michele Morrone became an overnight sensation after appearing in Days. Actor Michele Morrone, who became an overnight sensation after appearing in the erotic drama Days, has slammed the leak of his private pictures. By HT Entertainment Desk. Get our daily newsletter Subscribe. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. Whatsapp Twitter Facebook Linkedin.

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Pics leak

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