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Once, Peter ed a YouTube video, planning for a surprise dinner for his wife, Chelsea on their anniversary. He revealed that they had been together for eight long years. On September 27,he revealed the face of his beautiful wife, Chelsea McGeachy via an Instagram post. For some reason, currently, she is nowhere to be seen on his youtube and Instagram anymore. No one knows the reason as he has not talked about his love life lately.

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Despite having a beautiful wife, he has a YouTube girlfriend named Linda Dong. He is popular for his sense of humor, parody videos, politically incorrect content, and comedy vlogs among his fans. Peter is an accomplished Youtuber and creative content creator with over K subscribers. As ofhe celebrated his 34th birthday.

However, he was born to Chinese parents who later moved to Canada.

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He intends to keep his personal profile low at the moment. Peter loves his family and loves to spend time with them. Peter is a bilingual who can speak fluent English and Cantonese. He holds Canadian nationality. His ethnicity is Asian and his real name is Davin Tong. Similarly, his birth is Taurus. Regarding his education, Chao graduated from the Vancouver Film School with a scholarship in Later, he stepped out of college to pursue a full-time career as a YouTuber.

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Peter Chao is mainly a Youtube content creator. His channel is famous for its content of Parody videos, Comedy Vlogs, Compilation videos, Omegle content, Music videos, and Interview videos. He posted his first video about a Chinese restaurant run by Indians that garnered around 15, views. Inspired by it, he continued to more videos day by day.

As of Mayhe already had more than K subscribers on his YouTube which is a great success. In a short amount of time, He became a success to add more subscribers to his youtube channel day by day. He is mostly popular for his Parody videos and Comedy Vlogs. Moreover, He is also the music video producer and creator. In these channels, he usually uplo gaming videos and Comedy Vlogs.

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However, he is well recognized on his main youtube channel. His videos have gained outstanding publicity. His overall videos have succeeded to attract attention from more than million people. As ofhe has ed several videos of Vlogs, Parodies, and Extras. Up until now, he has around K subscribers and , views on his Main youtube channel.

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Apart from Youtube, he is also popular in Movie Industry. After that, there is no looking backward, and he has more than 7 film credits and commercial roles to date. Speaking on his income, he makes a decent sum of money through his successful youtube career and social media presence.

His earnings are influenced by his youtube channel. Likewise, he has gathered around K Subscribers on his Youtube. For his politically incorrect contents, he has always stuck in many of the mini controversies in his career. His contents are loved and enjoyed by many and at the same time, some find it offensive. ly, his had been suspended for fourteen days after showing a video to mock African-Americans. Moreover, a-Tunes.

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Peter has a decent height of 5. He weighs approximately 63 kg or lbs. Chao is popular for his Asian looks. Peter is quite popular on Social media. He has around Likewise, he also has a Twitter with over His TikTok has accumulated around Married Biography. Peter Chao Bio. Posted on June 2, Inside Biography 1 Who is Peter Chao? Mars Rapper. Marital Status:. Married Date:. Birth Date:. Hair Color:.

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May 08 Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Peter chao girlfriend

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Who is YouTuber Peter Chao’s Girlfriend? Is Chelsea McGeachy His Wife?