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In Register. Online now. topic Next male subs. Respectfully Why Male Subs? Now i respect everyone's choice of role but as a Dom male i need to ask. I am not saying that submitting makes you less of a man just like being gay does not make you less of a man. I'm switch I wanna see what's in their minds and what they'd really wanna do to me.

Obviously as a female submissive I can't comment from a male sub perspective, but I kind of don't see it as a gender thing. It's the same as female Dominants. People identify with whatever makes them feel complete, regardless of stereotypes. Submission isnt necessarily sexual gender related. Its how dominant we are and how they feel submitting. Some straight men just dont feel right submitting to a woman, they need a strong man.

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I have had a couple of male sub's and it wasnt sexual, they just needed to serve someone who was capable over being mentally dominant and controlling. Maybe their lives are totally about them being the boss, in charge and they just need to unplug from reality and a male Dom is the only thing that works? Why do I male subs submitting? Well, because I like to submit a bit tautological, I know. In all seriousness, I enjoy being part of a relationship with a power exchange component. On another note, I don't particularly find it useful categorizing qualities as manly or feminine, if it works for you, that's fine.

I don't particularly see strength as inherently manly or gentleness as inherently feminine, same with submission or dominance, but that's just me.

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Bunnie is on point when she said: "People identify with whatever makes them feel complete, regardless of stereotypes. Oh my - what a subject! Why does a man want to submit? The same reason women want to submit. They enjoy it. It has nothing to do with masculinity or femininity. Some men enjoy ravishing and dominating women. Some men enjoy submitting to, serving, and adoring women, often in a knightly, romantic way. It doesn't make them less masculine than a man who enjoys domination.

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In fact, it may be a much more traditional way to relate to women. Dominant is not the male position. Submissive is not the female position. Even if that's what you more commonly see represented in popular culture. I'm dominant. I'm female. I am feminine.

I am not less feminine because I am dominant, which would be true if we followed the logic of submission making a man less masculine. Just as one shouldn't believe female submissives are weak, stupid women, one shouldn't believe male submissives are weak and stupid either. One of my submissives was a big burly boxer. Another was a young, tall, super fit, rowdy guy who took the lead in every other aspect of his life. I could go on. They just enjoyed serving me but that didn't mean they bowed male subs to anyone else. Thanks for the question!

It's a great male subs and I appreciate the sincere curiousity! We feel like less of a man, that is why we want to be dominated by real men, men that are confident and feel comfortable in their own skin, as a male sub myself I feel like a low life and my little dick definitely makes me feel less of a man, in fact I don't consider myself a man at all, just male.

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Male subs

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