Make him your bitch

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in. Making Someone Your Bitch, Literally…. And no, in this case, I am not referring to the corpulent woman you know you are going to encounter at Wal-Mart wearing oversized pink sweatpants with a tube top so tight that her midriff, and perhaps more importantly, the majority of the length of her butt crack, is exposed for the whole wide world to see. That I can shrug off with relative ease.

No, in this case what I saw sent a seismic shock wave reverberating through my core beliefs that instead of revealing too much skin, showed to me two contradictory parts of my own value system. Before I go on to tell you what ate at my philosophical sensibilities, let me preface this by saying that I am no moral prude. I can pretty much give two figs and a banana what anyone does of their own accord and on their own free time. So I come at this from that perspective….

Which is exactly what made this sight so thorny for me. You see, in addition to trying to be open-minded and non-judgmental, I also happen to be a feminist.

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As such, when I looked over at a concert recently and saw a couple where the young, heavily-tattooed waif was attached to her even more tattooed and hardly emaciated boyfriend via a leash that ran up to the spiked dog collar she had around her neck, my immediate reaction was disgust. Ok, first it was probably laughter, but then it really was disgust. It was a shock to my feminist sensibilities with an implied state of ownership. My feminist studies have taught me all I need to know in order to decipher subtle overtones of misogynistic debasement based on gender.

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And this was hardly subtle. I mean, this guy was literally making this woman his bitch. It was all I could do to refrain from going up to this young woman who I did not even know and emphatically implore her to have some dignity and self-respect. I wanted to tell her how wrong it was to let a man dominate and subjugate her in this way, to inform her of the long history of patriarchal subversion of female autonomy so that she would yank that collar off her neck and throw it down at his feet. Suddenly, I found my value of feminist empowerment butting he with my deeply engrained belief of individual liberty, and my head felt numb from trying to resolve the irreconcilable debate.

And while that decision may have been rooted more in sheer intimidation than moral conviction, I honestly believe that was the correct course of action given the circumstances.

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She was out in public. She could run if she wanted to. Get this thing off of me! But instead she sat there comfortably licking a snow cone, a willing participant in the entire spectacle. And if that is her decision, however much I may or may not agree with, or even if it suggests to me a horrible degradation of the feminist perspective, the whole point of the feminist movement is to empower women to make their own decisions.

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That, in the end, is the real essence of feminist empowerment. Get started. Open in app. Steven Craig. in Get started. Get started Open in app. Making Someone Your Bitch, literally…. More from Steven Craig Follow.

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Make him your bitch

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