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It's possible to invent a greek name for any imaginable parphilia. Naive readers will assume that if a scientific sounding name exists, then the thing is describes must also exist, and might be fairly common. No one benefits from this kind of misinformation. For example, sexual arousal associated with vomit appears in the long list of philias. It's possible that in a nation of million people, a dozen people have this philia, or maybe no one does. It is so rare that surveys would detect very few instances, if any. Those few instances detected by surveys could represent clerical errors or insincere responses.

If there's a newsgroup dedicated to vomit-philia, it could be a gag, so to speak. I suggest the list of philias be restricted to those that occur beyond a certain minimum rate, according to reliable surveys, or that represent a ificant social problem.

Bigvalleytim13 June UTC. I vehemently disagree. Paraphilias all share one feature in common: They find "objects" sexually arousing, rather than human beings. Even humans are regarded as "objects," rather than organisms. I agree that not all "objects" are equally objectionable. In fact, some objects are perfectly suitable for some situations. But list of philias wikipedia "ban" a list because it illustrates a continuum of "objects," as "objectionable," is precisely why it should be listed.

Readers are capable of discrimination. We've seen their kind before. Dshsfca talk7 April UTC dshsfca. Queer Theorists have succeeded in "suppressing" a list of parpahilias, and also in equating paraphilias with homosexuality. Sexual attraction for a member of the same sex, rather than, or in addition to, the opposite sex, is still sexual attraction for another member of the species Homo sapiens.

Paraphilias are sexual attraction and arousal by non-human objects or humans "as objects. So, they agree that paraphilia shares the same set of features, including social opprobrium, as homosexuality. This has been the objective of Queer Theorists from the mids. Paraphilias include pedophilia, the sexual use of children by adults. The "list" of other paraphilias has been edited from Wiki so readers don't get disgusted with them. The Queer Theorem than "Normativity" is "without norms" will do immense damage and destruction to the entire Gay Liberation and Freedom Movement.

Queers parasitical use of homophilia as "analogous" to paraphilia has been their motif for 20 years. No one bought it except HRC. Had we not, former Governor Ronald Reagan list of philias wikipedia not have opposed the Briggs Initiative Proposition 6banning homosexuals from teaching in California schools. Because we had, the influential former Governor reversed the "inevitable landslide victor" to an "unexpected landslide defeat" in six days. But, if pedophiles were part of the Movement, no politician would have urged the defeat of Proposition 6, which the right-wing homophobes used fears of teacher-child molestation in its well-oiled advertisement.

A Slippery Slope is a variant of the continuum fallacy, the inference that given the trend of A, so should the trend of B follow. While not endorsing psychiatry's DSM-IV, it continues to regard paraphilias as a mental disorder, or "psychosexual disorder. Whether or not paraphilia is a mental disorder I defer to others, but homophilia and paraphilia are neither equivalent nor "analogous. If we have learned anything in the past 60 years, not all "sexual minorities" are biologically normal. Not all "sexual minorities" are mentally sound. Keeping company with paraphiliacs is other's business, but equating or analogizing paraphilia to homophilia is inappropriate, illogical, and untrue.

Efforts to censor, eliminate, confuse, obfuscate, etc.

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Is this for real? I can see the point of including misandry and misogyny in the see also I'd like to remove it, but would like to discuss it first. See Talk:Teratophilia for details. If so, where does it fall in the list on this ?

Depending in part on the nature of the paraphilia in question, judgements can differ as to whether religiously it should be considered a case of sexual sin, or of mental illness. Paedophilia and zoophilia are heavily condemned by many religions. I assume that most religions either impliedly or explicitly condemn sexual activity with children, animals, etc. Such a statement is arguably clearer and more accurate than saying religions condemn pedophilia, zoophilia, etc. I'm new to this article, so I resisted the urge to go in and just change it up. Joey Q. I've tried to improve the structure of this article.

Several things seemed to be capable of being better laid out. This is what I've aimed for:. Beyond this I've made little textual change, and nothing major, keeping the existing material and wording.

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Good day. I started a peer review of another article, Infantilism and I wish to have the editors of Paraphilia to help peer review the article since it is a Paraphilic fetish. Thank you for your time. What about this one?

Chris30 March UTC. I'm guessing this is false. I gather that only real things that can actually happen to someone are paraphilias: Tentacle rape while related to zoophiliafantasies involving giants, giant insects, magical transformations etcetera? This seems to suggest that all paraphilias have a possibility of being acted upon outside of the realm of imagination. Lotusduck30 May UTC. This article does not clearly distinguish between fetishes and paraphilias. If I'm not mistaken, all fetishes are paraphilias, because they represent unusual routes to sexual arousal.

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I'm not certain whether 'paraphilia' and 'fetish' are synonyms. It's possible. It's also possible that fetish does not have a precise definition.

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It also has a non-erotic anthropological meaning for example. On the german wiki they said was invented by Friedrich Salomo Krauss after Here is written that was invented by Wilhelm Stekel in almost a century larer. Seems like you've had a few different people come through, each separately adding a couple of sentences about how "Standards of what is normal vary from culture to culture" making the article a bit repetitive and scattered-sounding. Could those repetitions be folded into one? Section consisted simply of the statement that "Some paraphilias are seen in popular culture" and the example of the movie Pretty Baby.

It seemed pointless, so I went ahead and cut it. Probably not that long. If there is a lot to say then a separate article "Paraphilia in popular culture" would be the way to go. Hello folks. Nice to meet you. I think some care needs to be taken over the popular culture section. Firstly, with popular in the title, it infers some kind of consensus.

So if something is commonly viewed it needs backing up by survey. I like it in general especially Charlotte's braces:but there are some aspects of the section that strike me as being minority or even not related. But I'll hear other views first.

Right now the lead line is: "In psychology and sexology, paraphilia Then at the beginning of the next section we say: "As used in psychology list of philias wikipedia sexology, it is simply a neutral umbrella term used to cover a wide variety of atypical sexual interests. Supposedly not a negative judgment.

Now, true, we say it's used differently by different groups. But the two contradictory definitions both claim to be the definition used in psychology or sexology. Which is confusing. Also, whatever the definition we go with, we need to source it. This is a contentious issue, we can't just assume non-controversial common list of philias wikipedia. I changed "nouns" to "objects" in the def paragraph.

A noun is a type of word. Is this really saying that some people get turned on by the words "frog" or "asteroid" or "mycellium"? Can sexual addiction be considered as a Paraphilia? Saaraleigh11 September UTC. Neither does Teliophilia. Removing it. Also edited "Paraphilia In Pop Culture", specifically the listing of Britney Spears and the film "Lolita" as examples of pedophilia. I changed those two as an example of ephebophilia, beause Britney Spears was 16 at the time adolescent and Lolita was portrayed as 14 in the film also adolescent.

List of philias wikipedia

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