Lactation humiliation

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Gayathiri Bose, a manager at a transport company who has a three-year-old child and a seven-month-old baby, said she has filed a complaint with German police alleging she was told to squeeze her breast at airport security to prove she was lactating. She said police at Frankfurt Airport were suspicious because she was carrying a breast pump but travelling without her baby. Bose, who was travelling alone, said she was on her way to board a flight to Paris last Thursday when she was stopped at the security screening station.

She said that after her carry-on bag, which contained her breast pump, went through the X-ray machine, she was taken aside for questioning. Then where is your baby? Your baby is in Singapore? They lactation humiliation her passport and she was then led to a room by a female police officer for further questioning, she said.

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She wanted me to show her by hand- expressing a little. Bose said she complied and squeezed her breast. I just started to cry, I was terribly upset. She said officials then tested and cleared the pump before returning her passport, and she was allowed to board her plane to Paris. The measures you have described for a breastfeeding mother are clearly not included.

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Baby elephant enjoys a snack and a scratch out in the forest. The Billionaire With A Heart. A woman pushes a stroller with a baby. German police declined to comment on the specific allegations, the report said.

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Lactation humiliation

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