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Death Come True is almost a dream come true. How to level efficiently in Swords of Legends Online. The Caligula Effect 2 he west this October. Super Smash Bros: the greatest franchise ever? As before, some of these games contain mature content, but there are some lighter games on this list too. Still, if you like cake and you like hardcore yuri, then you should check it out. A Kiss for the Petalsalso called Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o or SonoHanais a well-known yuri series that follows the relationships between different girls at St. The only game in the series officially released in English is Remembering How We Metwhich is one of the later games in the franchise.

Some of the charm may be lost on those not familiar with the other games involving its central couple, Risa and Miya, but Remembering How We Met is a prequel, so it still makes sense on its own. If you have discs for other games, however, free yuri games are some English patches floating around. Dahlia is a lesser-known yuri game, but it deserves a mention.

It has a unique setting, taking place in Paris at the end of the 19th century. Torn from her parents and her home, she does all she can to survive, while hoping to be reunited with her family. This le her to a mysterious mansion, where she finds shelter and companionship from the enchanting Dahlia Louissier. Will their love be enough to see them through in a time of hardship? Dahlia can be purchased from the Kawa Soft website — at a very reasonable price! Lonely Yuri is a very short little visual novel about the relationship between schoolgirls Fusa and Seri.

Seri is a shut-in who has stopped attending school, and Fusa is asked by a teacher to drop by and give her some handouts. The rest of the game follows the development of this short but sweet love story. The discovery of an old journal belonging to a gold rush miner sparks a race to find the treasure.

She picks up the stranded Marina and ends up being pulled into the adventure herself. Highway Blossoms is a story of two lost individuals who find strength in each other during their time on the road. There is only one love interest, and no choices to make — just pure emotional and engaging story.

Highway Blossoms is available for purchase on Steam. Sacrament of the Zodiac takes place in a all-girls school with special rituals. One free yuri games these is the Sacrament, where girls pray to the Goddess and get baptised.

If a girl manifests on of the twelve zodiac stigmata during this process, it is rumoured that she will bring happiness all. Arissa has developed the stigma of Aries, so she is declared the Princess of the White Sheep. Aloof transfer student Hitsuji stumbles upon Arissa in the church and confesses her love to her straight away! Surprisingly, Arissa accepts her feelings, and the two become a couple. Can this mismatched pair maintain their secret relationship?

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I love the premise of Sacrament of the Zodiacand I thought it had a lot of potential. This is a really interesting mechanic, but can get a little tedious as you try to determine when to switch between girls in order to unlock the best ending. For the lovely character sprites, cute des, and interesting concept though, Sacrament of the Zodiac deserves a place on the list.

Suoh Shirohane is a painfully shy girl drawn to the school for this reason. Will Suoh find acceptance and love as well as answers? Flowers — Le volume sur printemps — is the first in a series of yuri visual novels following different girls in the Saint Angraecum Academy. The art for this game is etheral and lovely, and the music is beautiful.

I love the depth to which the flower motif runs too.

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Flowers — Le volume sur printemps — is available on Steam or from the official website, flowersgame. As such, it is a sad and sweet game with just enough innocent girl-love to toe the line.

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The story follows young Sara Crewe, who has been enjoying a life of luxury raised by her father, and must now go overseas to attend boarding school. Most of the story deals with her daily life, which often takes the form of philosophical conversations with the other girls. As far as options go, there are six potential love interests if they can all be called love interests.

You can unlock scenes with your girl of choice by raising stats with a basic activity-choosing mechanic.

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The art is adorable, and the backgrounds and lovely music create a great feel for the time period. A Little Lily Princess is available for purchase on Steam. Osaka Asuka is a ditzy girl who has not really thought seriously about her future. As her carefree time at high school draws to a close, she must decide on what she wants to aim for in life.

The art for this game has a soft, cute style that is really pretty. It looks like a nice, sweet game about Asuka growing up. Well, it is, but Nurse Love Addiction is definitely notable as yuri games go in that it has multiple bad very bad endings. The story is full of twists, and I think the revelations and often dark turns of the plot help make this game particularly exciting.

Nurse Love Addiction is available for purchase on Steam. Enoki Sachi and Nagatani Megumi are two girls who died 50 years apart and have since fallen in love as spirits haunting the school roof. Solitary Yuna is the only one who can see them, so they ask her to help them move on to the afterlife. This help involves giving all the potential yuri ships in the school a bit of encouragement so that Sachi and Megumi can learn how to go about their first time… While the premise may be perverted, Kindred Spirits is not focused on the sexual side of the relationships as much as it is on the development and emotion that goes into them.

These couples look quite stereotypical at first, but each one follows its own heartfelt story, and the characters have surprising depths and opportunities to grow throughout. In particular, the extra scenes that become available after finishing the main story once through are a neat way to give a bit more insight into each couple without slowing the story down on the first run.

Lastly, I have to praise the Planner interface as a really interesting mechanic. This is done as a calendar which lets you jump between scenes as you like, providing free yuri games player interaction to the decisions and letting you take some control over how you progress. I think this is a fun, unique mechanic, and a really useful way of helping you keep tracks of the different couples and perspective changes in the narrative. Funny, touching, and just really enjoyable to play, Kindred Spirits is a must for yuri fans and fully deserves the one spot.

Free yuri games Spirits is available for purchase on Steam. If you like yuri, I recommend you keep an eye on them — they look great! Trending Death Come True is almost a dream come true. July 15, Author Recent Posts. Max Williams. I like all sorts of anime and game genres, but I'm passionate about visual novels and rhythm games in particular. Talk to me about soundtracks. I love soundtracks. Latest posts by Max Williams see all. Spread the love!

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