Facetime numbers 2015

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. MacRumors macrumors bot Original poster. Apr 12, 53, 15, As reported by Ars Technicaa ificant of Apple device users are being bombarded with spam group FaceTime calls during late hours of the night from people they've never met. Starting around 2 am this morning I began receiving group FaceTime calls from a mix of s in my contacts and random s I didn't have saved.

Since then I've received about 7 more calls throughout the day. The calls only ring once or twice before ending. What's even more interesting is that, after going back through the s involved in the calls in the "recents" tab of the FaceTime app, there were more than the 32 total people involved with the highest being The reason I think this happened is that every was repeated once or twice. Click to expand Nov 29, Wow, that must be pleasant. Hopefully Apple finds a way to stop it. Aug 12, inside facetime numbers 2015 DSDT. Apple should only allow FaceTime calls from s that on your address list, or add option to block contacts which isn't listed on address list.

Robot and 17 others. Jan 29, 1, 2, Florida. At least with calls though Apple allows you to block unknown s. Seems like it should be obvious that this should include FaceTime. Mar 23, 2, 2, Leeds, UK. Robot and 6 others. Oct 13, 76 Bellona.

Seems like a cool way to meet new people during the Bunker Era, imo. Reactions: amartinezSigEpPafoofnik and 5 others. Zerlina macrumors newbie. Sep 2, 17 Reactions: DanTSX.

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Steve macrumors Apr 13, 5, 5, Bedfordshire, UK. Oh great. What a massive oversight by Apple though! Should be restricted to contacts only or at least users should have the option ArPe Suspended.

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May 31, 1, 3, Reactions: amartinez and SigEp Mar 18, 4, 5, Spam FaceTime, calls, text,etc is all such a challenging problem. Spam phone calls alone are such a pain where I am. FaceTime seems pretty safe to limit only to people you have saved as contacts. I feel like that could solve the issue for the most part. Aug 14, 3, 1, Can you spoof Facetime s? Reactions: Captain Trips.

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Captain Trips macrumors You can filter unknown callers, for normal calls. Reactions: I7guy. DanTSX Suspended. Oct 22, Reactions: amartinezcashvilleArsenikdote and 7 others. LeadingHeat macrumors a. Oct 3, 1, This should be a very easy server-side fix. I personally have never had this happen before, but if MR is posting about it, it must be common enough to be a problem.

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Reactions: amartinezI7guy and BigMcGuire. Oct 28, 15 I've had this happen to me but not facetime group. I think its due to me getting a that was recycled recently and released for usage. I get these random calls that ignore. Razorpit macrumors Feb 2, So we now know an iOS Feb 22, 3, 4, Indonesia. Does Apple provide a way to report and block the s doing the spam calls? Should be easy on Apple's side, no? Sep 21, 1, Zerlina said:. Jan 21, 66 Brooklyn. Reactions: amartinez and smoking monkey.

Oct 11, Steve said:. Can you remove your phone as a way of contact for Facetime and just use your Apple ID???

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Reactions: BigMcGuire. JosephAW macrumors May 14, 3, 4,

Facetime numbers 2015

email: [email protected] - phone:(102) 620-4472 x 2814

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