Dirty dropbox links

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Our full comparison table will help you select the best tool for your needs.

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You may prefer to choose just one system, and then keep all your data in one place. Or, you may prefer to spread your data across more than one system. All three options Network Drives, SharePoint, Strathcloud store their data on the University's centrally-managed storage. The University has made a large investment in on-site storage.

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Data is replicated between buildings, so that if an entire datacentre or building is lost e. In the unlikely event of this happening, a maximum of 15 minutes-worth of the most recent changes may be lost, but all other data will be intact.

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Therefore, you do not need to perform your own backup. We autoamtically map network drives on Windows computers in the University's DS domain. Network drives can be manually mapped from Windows dirty dropbox links outside the DS domain. You can also access network drives from Unix, Macs and mobile devices. Strathcloud has a both a web interface available on all platforms and a local client all platforms except Unix. Normally, users interact with the local client, though there are a few functions which must be carried out through the web interface.

You can access SharePoint and Strathcloud when off-campus using the same interfaces as when you're here. Although all services can be accessed online from anywhere in the world, you may also want to have an up-to-date copy on your local machine. If you go off-campus, you will still have a local copy of your data, but it will not sync with the server again until you come back on campus.

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All systems support sharing with external collaborators. This refers to the ability for a Strathclyde user to log in, select a file, and allow someone external to the institution to see that file, without the external user needing to register for anor .

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This cannot be achieved on Network Drives or Sharepoint, as all access to these systems requires a. On Strathcloud, however, users will be able to external users a complex URL for a file, which allows that external user to access the file read-only without logging in. Users should think carefully about the amount of data they have, when choosing a system. Network Drives are therefore the best option for very large amounts of data. SharePoint is suitable for small amounts of data, e. Word documents, spreheets, etc — a common scenario is for a researcher to place large data-sets on Network Drives, and the smaller collaborative documents which describe that data onto SharePoint.

Strathcloud falls somewhere between the above two options, in terms of scalability. For some purposes, this has an appealing simplicity - for other purposes, the lack of ability to annotate, link, and dirty dropbox links the data is a limitation.

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By contrast, SharePoint has a rich interface, which is almost infinitely customisable, if you have the requisite knowledge — training may be advisable, if you want to use SharePoint to its full potential. Strathcloud sits between the two, with a user-friendly interface similar to Dropbox, OneDrive, etc, which most users will master fairly quickly.

If you delete a file, or want to revert to an earlier version, you can do this on all three systems. SharePoint and Strathcloud provide this through the web interface, so it can be done on all platforms. This can be a useful feature when you're working from a shared folder, and you want to avoid clashes, from two people editing a file at the same time. Supported on SharePoint and Strathcloud. For individual data, you can get started straight away, using either your Network Drives H: driveor your personal space in Strathcloud, these will be set up for you in advance. Note that, on both Network Drives and on Strathcloud, while it is technically possible to share folders from within your own personal area, this is not advisable in most cases!

The problem is that, if you or whoever it was who shared the data leave the University, then the gets deleted, along with all the data associated with it. Network drives have been available for many years, and H: drives are used by all types of dirty dropbox links, including undergrad, postgrad and staff. In Strathcloud, the full functionality including personal space is available to staff and PGRs only, by default, due to the way it is d.

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Undergr and PGTs have a reduced access, which allows them use data only if they have been specifically granted access to an existing shared-folder, or if a special request has been made to upgrade their status.

Limited-access s such as external collaborators also have reduced access by default, but can be upgraded to full access on request. While we go to great lengths to test and evaluate all our systems, there will inevitably be teething troubles and the occasional bug in new products.

You can lose them very easily, and they are a risk to cyber security. If you are an undergraduate or taught postgraduate student, you may prefer to store your files on OneDrive. Replicated between two buildings Data is replicated between buildings, so that if an entire datacentre or building is lost e. Sharepoint uses a web interface, so is accessible from anywhere. Sharepoint does not support sync with the local machine. Strathcloud fully dirty dropbox links it, on and off campus, on all platforms except Unix. Suitable for group data shared with defined members of a group.

Dirty dropbox links

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