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Yes, folks are cashing in on digital pictures of their junk — or at least considering it. In fact, noted dick pic sender Anthony Weiner recently announced his own tentative plans to turn an infamous photo of his member into an NFT. But before you rush to snap that dick pic and it to the cockchain for profit, you might want to slow down and be mindful of a few things — like, for example, that someone else may have already turned your unsolicited dick pics into an NFT.

Back in March, Zoe Scaman, founder of Bodaciousa strategy studio, tweeted about doing precisely that. You want it gone? Her site does not actually provide dic pics space for folks to submit rogue dick pics, nor, she claims, are her directions meant to be taken literally. I just want to stress that. Scaman tells InsideHook that she has been subjected to phallic imagery without her consent repeatedly.

A stranger — a complete stranger. While NFT the DP may be more ironic commentary than actual dick pic NFT endorsement, there are artists out there who, when consent is in place, fully support the idea of making NFTs with your genitals. Indeed, as ofonly eight US states require sex education to include lessons about consent. That said, in addition to being mindful of consent, folks looking to get in on the dick pic NFT gold rush should be wary of the ever-present risks of creating sexual content online, where rigid, sex-negative restrictions leave creators of all kinds at risk of having their work literally scrubbed from the internet, and being banned from platforms themselves.

Stein warns that she had her Instagram deactivated last year after the platform changed its terms of service, erasing her entire body of work. Before you whip it out and start snapping photos, it may be worth reflecting on the people who may have been subjected to such imagery non-consensually — looking at dic pics, Weiner — as well as the many often female creators in the erotic art space who have had dic pics work censored and even destroyed.

Dick pic NFTs may seem like a lighthearted stunt, but the digital erotic art movement is bigger than you — and your dick. This article was featured in the InsideHook newsletter. up now. And awesome. Popular at InsideHook. Chicago Los Angeles New York. Washington DC. Subscribe Follow Us facebook instagram pinterest twitter linkedin.

Internet June 14, am. Your dick pic could be an NFT, or maybe it already is one. By Jennifer Stavros Scandalous.

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Dic pics

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