Delete kik username

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Kik is a popular messaging app for Android and iOS, but it isn't for everyone. So, if its appeal has faded for you, it may be time to delete or deactivate your Kik. This may be because none of your friends use it any more, or because you're a parent and want to delete your teenager's over privacy concerns. Whatever your reasons, here's how to delete Kik permanently or deactivate your Kik temporarily.

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If you don't want to permanently delete your Kikyou can take the less intensive option and delete kik username it. Make sure you understand what Kik is before resorting to this, though. As it turns out, Kik doesn't let you deactivate or delete your through its mobile app. You'll need to do this through its website, though you can visit the site on your phone or using a computer, depending on your preferences. To start, visit the Kik deactivation help for some information. This explains that deactivating your profile will result in the following:.

If you change your mind after deactivating your Kik profile, you can reactivate it by ing back in as normal. You'll need your password to do so. You'll need to enter the address associated with your. Kik will then send you a link to deactivate your profile. Follow this to complete the deactivation. Like temporary deactivation, you must delete your Kik profile through the website portal. We recommend reviewing the information on Kik's deletion help so you understand what this does first.

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If you're sure you want to permanently delete your Kikopen the Kik permanent deletion and username and address, and explain why you're leaving. Confirm that you want to do this, and click Go to delete it. We recommend backing up any important messages before doing this, as you'll lose them forever.

Also, keep in mind that people you've chatted with will likely still be able to see your profile for a few days, since it's cached on their device.

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This will expire before long. Thanks to this article you should now know how to delete your Kik. It's not tough, but you should make sure you really want to take this step before doing so. Once you've deactivated or deleted Kik, simply uninstall the app from your phone to fully remove Kik from your life.

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Delete kik username

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Delete Kik Permanently or Deactivate Kik