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It's child pornography.

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It's shameful. It will ruin your life. Young people using their camera phones to take and send nude and risque photos to friends or internet sites are facing the outrage of society.

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Governments have gotten involved, unleashing a flood of videos and awareness campaigns warning children about sexting's "dire consequences", and how it can "ruin their lives". Meanwhile, young people's views remain unheard. According brisbane sexting a new study adults may brisbane sexting misjudged the way young people interpret sexting and what teenagers actually want to know about it.

The researchers held focus groups for people agedwho are over the age of sexual consent but, like everyone else, cannot make any photographic or video recordings that are considered pornography by law. Workshops were also run for police, criminologists, youth workers, health workers, researchers and young people's advocates.

Young people do not use the term "sexting" to begin with, thinking that it's an exaggerated term coined by alarmed adults or journalists. They were also dismissive of shaming by their peers, despite educational materials portraying "shaming" as one of the most common consequences of sexting. The most surprising discovery, however, is the entirely different way that young people judge whether sexting is acceptable.

Adults often describe the phone images as "taboo", "dirty", "wrong" and "disgusting" but what young people find offensive isn't the nudity — it's when it's taken or shared without consent. They are then puzzled by how adults categorise all naked and partly naked images as sexting, when it could be — in their view — a photo of themselves in their new underwear. They argue that some photos are not meant to be sexual, such as semi-clothed images, digital self-portraits and comedy or prank pictures, and challenge the one-size-fits-all definition.

But who determines what is decent and what is indecent? It is no wonder, then, that the teenagers are surprised to find that they can face child pornography charges for sexting, even if it's a self-taken digital portrait shared with a friend.

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They regard the legal penalties as "excessive", and say the laws are "hype" and "overdone". Says one teen: "I think there's a difference between a year-old male having a photo of his girlfriend There's quite a big difference. I don't think it should be the same sort of punishment. Adults who attended a separate workshop revealed they were just as confused about the law on sexting as young people. Teachers weren't clear where it fits into mandatory reporting of child pornography, and most people supervising youngsters felt they lacked the training brisbane sexting resources to deal with the issue or knowledge to advise teenagers about it.

This was the first time that they'd considered how differently teens viewed sexting," Dr Albury says. They wanted factual information about relevant laws, including clear guidelines on their rights and their responsibilities regarding digital images.

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What they don't want is to be told 'you're a silly girl and your life is ruined'. The report recommends that children's views be included in committees, review boards and other policy-making avenues. And, rather than adults telling them to stop using social media or sharing intimate digital photos, sexting education should focus on fostering ethical, respectful practices between intimate partners and within friendship networks, it says.

It is also important that educators and legislators understand the needs of people under 18 yet over the age of consent, and distinguish between consensual and non-consensual sharing of images.

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Former chief justice of the Family Court of Australia, Alastair Nicholson, says that there is an urgent need for law reform and a national consensus on the laws, which must match the children's view. Simply adapting child pornography laws to sexting is reactionary, does not factor in today's mobile and youth culture and simply will not work, he adds. Sexting - the misunderstood 'crime'.

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